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To Be Continued

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Arizona State University

April 2021, BFA Capstone

In the early days of “lockdown” we set alarms for four o’ clock in the morning and stood in line for hours just hoping to get our hands on milk, toilet paper, and eggs. We didn’t know what tomorrow would bring; we were truly living in an alternate universe. We spent days inside, learned new skills, and we discovered creative ways to pass the time. We tossed and turned all night, unable to sleep due to the fear and anxiety that flooded our minds. As our routines broke and the world seemed to be falling apart, something new began to form. We came alive in ways that were completely new and unexpected. We slowed down. We met our neighbors for the very first time. We worked together to keep our towns alive, ordering takeout from small restaurants and rallying around local businesses. For the first time in a long while we connected with far away loved ones through the use of technology. We were given a much needed reminder of what really matters in life.

What originally began as a personal project for my mental health turned into so much more. I realized very early on that I could not just focus on the bad. I refused to lose myself or my art in the panic of this global health crisis. With the help and guidance of a few mentors and friends, I began to photograph kindness, compassion, endurance, and strength. This is my search for the light in these dark times. This is a story about The Valley and a collection of hope as we move forward.

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