Tim + Brittany

I don't typically blog engagement sessions, however, I am obsessed with this set and I wanted to share a few more images from it. Before we dive into the photos, I want to share a quick recap of the location. The State Park around the corner charges $50/hr for photography permits and doesn't catch the best light at sunset. So instead of spending money, we made it work in a nearby parking lot. We backed the bus into a little nook with a bit of greenery. I was a little nervous by all the surrounding traffic, power lines, etc. But with a little camera magic we made it work. One of the easiest ways to hide clutter in your frame is to keep it tight. Focus on your subject and open up that aperture. By doing so, I didn't have to photoshop out a single power line, car, or sign. I also want to give a HUGE thank you to Goof Booth AZ for allowing us to use their gorgeous bus! 

Sponsored By: Remi Raine Bridal

VW Bus Provided By:  Goof Booth AZ

Here is a quick peek into our setup. I wish I would have gotten a better image, because not pictured here are the numerous cars to the left and behind me. There is also a pretty busy road behind the bus, a few signs to the right, and of course those beautiful power lines.

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