Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Guest Writer: Ashleigh Noelle Konopaski on reconnecting with old friends & creative habits.

"I'm going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life." -Elsie de Wolfe

Who would have ever guessed that the first friend I ever made in college, so many years ago it seems, would reach out to me to reconnect after all this time had passed, after we fell out of touch, and after we both up and moved HALF WAY ACROSS THE COUNTRY! It was only fitting that we would end up in the same place again.

Even all those years ago, Emily helped me to grow as a creative professional. I moved for love and she uprooted to follow a crazy dream, but it brought us together to build new dreams and create together once again.  I fell in love with Dill Farms at first site. Immediately we started talking plans.

Boudoir in the Barn was our first major event. I was named "staff" of Dill Farms and was so absolutely thrilled and giddy! The event was smaller than we expected, but still exceeded our expectations. We learned a lot, have plenty of adjusting to do for our next event, and had a BLAST! Overall it was just so much fun and I couldn't be more grateful, but what was really amazing and inspiring was to bring other talented photographers, aspiring models, and some unique and growing creative vendors together to create something of our own...together <3

I am so happy and increasingly excited to be a part of the Dill Farms team.


Ashleigh Noelle Konopaski

Photographer & Writer: Ashleigh Noelle Photography

Location: Dill Farms - Fort Scott, KS

Makeup: Wanderlust Lips

Watch: Hunley Watches

Hanger: Love the Wire

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