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Updated: Dec 31, 2018

When we moved to Arizona we did so much downsizing. To put it into perspective, we used 1/4 of the moving truck space as we did than when we moved from Washington to Kansas.

We were able to purchase all of our furniture from sites like OfferUp and Facebook's Marketplace for less than $300. We also purchased a couple of pieces from a local liquidation store, Sun Devil Liquidation Company. Most of their pieces come from local hotels, which is great because that means they are built well to withstand all of the guests. Not only were they a great deal, I also felt awesome that we were able to reuse and recycle furniture and save it from going to a landfill! While I am loving how our indoor space is coming together, I am most excited about our outdoor space. I have never paid much attention to our patios in the past, but we have such a great big space here that it would be a shame not to use it! We also gave up our dining room inside to turn it into my office space, so having extra seating outside is an absolute must! I purchased (almost) everything here at Goodwill for under $50. It still needs a few more pieces and plants to complete the look, but I think we are off to a great colorful and bright start!


Emily Vance

Frank, our succulent, was the only thing here purchased new! He is from Trader Joe's for a whopping $3.99. The gold tea light holder is one of my favorite ever Goodwill finds, 99¢. I have an obsession with Pyrex, and I actually have an eighteen gallon bin full of cups, but those are currently in our closet packed away until we are in our forever home, or at least have more kitchen space. These were 99¢ each so I went ahead and grabbed them. The tray was also 99¢ but if you would like your own it was originally picked up from Ikea.

This wooden book is one of my favorite details. Marc and I both have a love for reading, however, I couldn't sacrifice any of my books to be used as outdoor decor. This wooden book shaped box was the perfect way to incorporate our hobby as well as bring in a few more touches of gold for just $2.99! The wicker table was in great shape, but it looks like someone spilled a little paint on top. Instead of painting it, I figured I would just cover it up with a few layers, which also helps give the space a little more depth. Both placemats were 99¢.

The extra little jars and pots were all 99¢ each. Eventually they will hold plants, but I am making sure I can keep Frank alive first! The rug was just $4.99 and I love the bright color it brings to our cement space. The wicker table was a steal at just $9.99.

These are pieces I brought with us. The rock was painted at a going away party we had back in Washington. I love having a piece from home with us! The skull was purchased in Mexico a few years ago for less than a couple of dollars. I love the color they both bring to our space!

I ended up adding this circular place mat that I purchased from Goodwill for 49¢. The wrought iron table they are sitting on was purchased at Sun Devil Liquidation Center for $14.99. Eventually, when the weather cools down a bit and we bring out our grill it will be great having a little extra table space.

Price Breakdown:

Frank, our succulent - $3.99

gold tea light holder - 99¢

Pyrex x 2 - 99¢

tray - 99¢

wooden book - $2.99

green placemat - 99¢

woven placemat - 99¢

jars and pots x 3 - 99¢

rug - $4.99

wicker table - $9.99

circular place mat - 49¢

wrought iron table - $14.99

Total: $46.35

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