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Updated: Dec 31, 2018

It still amazes me that according to the calendar we have only been in Arizona for 110 days. And honestly, I feel like we left Washington AGES ago, but it has barely been over a year. I try to take everything one day at a time, so when I look back at everything I have been able to do over the past year, I shock myself. I don't mean for this to be a "yay me" post, I want this to help inspire others. I want people to see what can happen if they chase their dreams.

Right after we moved to Arizona I took a quick trip home to Washington. My flight back to Arizona was overbooked and I am usually the first to volunteer to bump to the next flight to get bonus miles. However, something in me told me to stay on my flight. We took off late which meant Marc couldn't pick me up from the airport and I had to take a ride share home. For some reason that day, Uber, my usual choice, wasn't working. I carried my suitcase and equipment to the pick up spot. Fumbled with Uber for a few more minutes, gave up, and downloaded Lyft. Minutes later, I met Aaron.

You know those people that when you meet you just click? That was Aaron. We talked like long lost friends. He had a masters degree in Opera from ASU, I was a photographer, both trying not to be starving artists. After connecting over our love of music and the arts, Aaron told me that he messed up his side of the app and had no idea where he was taking me. He apologized over and over again and "made it up to me" by giving me a free ride. Being the year 2018, I didn't have a single dollar on me, but there was no way I was letting this sweet young man give me a free ride home. I handed him my card and offered him free headshots next time he needed them.

A few seconds after unlocking my door and getting inside my house, I received a notification from one of the most talented musicians I have ever met, Aaron Todd. I sat on my couch and scrolled through his feed, knowing that it was fate.

Within a week I had brought together an amazingly talented team. Not only were we doing headshots, Mother of Marketing built him a stunning website from the ground up, and we were going to produce an entire music video. But why stop there? We teamed up with Iconic Arizona to help style the entire production team and wound up putting together an entire release show with some incredibly talented musicians.

Of course it was fate that we met, and we were able to bring together so many talented people along the way. But above all of that, I learned that the universe really does know what is up. Listen to those voices in your head, because sometimes they really do lead to the most beautiful adventures.


Emily Vance

Special thanks to:

Aaron Todd, @iamaarontodd

Mother of Marketing, @motherofmarketing

Nitin Mohan, @nihanshutter

Brian Papworth, @brian_papworth

Iconic Arizona, @iconicarizona

The Early Bird, @earlybirdphx

Poetry by Boots, @poetrybyboots

Last Exit Live, @lastexitlive

Taryn Cantrell, @pantaryn

Lucas Brown, @lucasbrownmusic

Paul Quiñones @paulquiznos

Mary Gaughan, @mgoogan93

Janelle Loes, @janelleloes

Chase Cooney, @chansearoonies

Phoebe Randall, @phoebbreeze

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