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Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Chalk Paint: Dixie Belle Paint Company - Midnight Sky, $24.45

Wax Sealer: Rust-Oleum - Ultra Matte Interior, Clear - $18.98

Picture Turn Buttons: Amazon, $5.99

Custom Mat Board: Mat Board & More - $33.13

Note: I already had the paint and wax on hand, and honestly you only need a very small amount of each.

I have had my eye on this window for a very long time now. It was tucked in the back of our chicken coop and I kept meaning to pull it out, but I just kept putting it off. Finally, with the move just a month away, I decided to grab it and transform it into a picture frame for our new home. To my surprise, there wasn't just one window, but four! The bottoms were a bit wet and soggy due to sitting in piles of leaves and being rained on for who knows how many years, but I was able to get them dried out and saved.


Emily Vance

I didn't even bother to "clean" it first. I immediately took a paint scraper and went to town. The glass popped out pretty easily, it was just held in by tiny little nails. Once the majority of paint was removed I went to town sanding. I also chose to sand by hand because it was so fragile, I was afraid my power sander would be a little to rough on it.

I almost always use chalk paint for projects. It just goes on so smooth and is super easy to distress. I only did one coat of paint per side and then hit it with a little sand paper to give it an aged look. Don't worry if you get white spots when you are sanding, the wax coat will make that disappear. However, it is SUPER important to make sure you are applying wax to a clean surface. Anything that gets covered under the wax (hair, dirt, etc.) will be stuck there forever. Wax should be applied in very thin and even coats. Normally I do two coats when I am restoring furniture, but this only really needed one.

Unfortunately, the windowpanes are 10x12, which meant I had to custom order mat board. Luckily Mat Board & More made it super easy! I was even able to have them cut a custom photo size which will give the photos an even boarder all the way around! They can even cut plexiglass. I was able to save all of the glass for this project, but if it happens to break down the road, I can always order plexiglass to replace it!

And it is done! We have our session with local photographers this weekend so we can get some updated farm pics to put in it! I can't wait to bring this piece of Dill Farms to our new Arizona home!

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