Day -29

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

"It's very important to take risks. I think that research is very important, but in the end you have to work from your instinct and feeling and take those risks and be fearless." -Anna Wintour

It finally hit me driving to work yesterday. We are REALLY doing this. Our house is getting packed up and we are leaving everything we know behind. Our family, our friends, my amazing clients. People ask us all the time how and why we are doing this, and the answer is simply, how could we not? We still have so much more life ahead of us to live. How boring would it be to just stay in our same routine, living in an apartment we can't afford, in a town we have lived in for over a decade. The universe just clearly has a plan for us, it wouldn't have worked out this well if it wasn't meant to be. We know it is going to be hard, one of the hardest things we will ever have to do. I am already getting emotional writing this. Just thinking of having to say goodbye to everyone is making me tear up. But this is what we are meant to do. And it's not really goodbye, it's see you later.


Emily Vance

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